Introducing Our Bluetooth Low Energy Module
21 Oct 2018

Introducing Our Bluetooth Low Energy Module

The new Bluetooth Low Energy Module from DeCurtis Corporation contains industry changing technology for the location and proximity market. Unlike any other reader on the market, the DeCurtis DC-BR3800-01 can read hundreds of beacons per second providing specific location, not just relative proximity information, which allows businesses to improve the customer experience in various ways. Companies can implement this new reader to enhance customer engagement while personalizing the experience like never before.

“DeCurtis Corporation has built its reputation on creating solutions for our clients based on their individual needs. Our new BLE Module continues this tradition,” said Derek Fournier, President of DeCurtis. “The uniqueness of this new product is that this technology allows clients to learn about the population in their environment to provide a better experience, not just harass them with unsolicited information” continues Fournier. “Also, this reader processes more data using less power and does not require the running of new cables.

The reader works using push technology while at the same time consuming less than 2W peak power from an access point, answering the call from several applications for this solution while at the same time reducing the need for more storage space and bandwidth. External antennas capture a more accurate read than standard reader options and provide a model that allows for high-fidelity singulation. As this is a certified expansion module, the cost of implementation is reduced with no need for a new power or cable run. To cover a large segment of the market and with the explicit goal of partnering with the leader in Enterprise connectivity, Cisco, this module was built to interface with one of their most prolific wireless access points: the 3800.

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