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DeCurtis Corporation is the first choice for agile, product-focused SaaS software solutions powering any indoor, complex environment. Known for its location and proximity empowered experience platforms and for being a trusted partner, DeCurtis works with some of the most recognized names in the cruise, restaurant, theme park, hospitality, and lodging industries.


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Our vision is simple. We empower our talented team to understand your organization’s goals and then craft your strategy into a comprehensive solution based on our leading DeCurtis Experience Platform. We believe implementing technology in a strategic, intelligent way will give guests a differentiated experience, while at the same time, enabling our clients’ to have real-time access to essential location- and proximity-based information to make immediate, financially improved decisions.


Who We Are

When it comes to guest experience and operational management software solutions, DeCurtis has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s best, and in doing so, DeCurtis has been able to transcend industry boundaries. Leveraging our deep technical knowledge and expertise in guest experience, location- and proximity-based solutions, DeCurtis’s suite of products enables DeCurtis to create unique and flexible experience platforms with and for our clients. This collaboration model results in reliable, scalable solutions built to maximize operational efficiency and make a direct, verifiable financial impact.


Specific Solutions Through Proven Platforms

With DeCurtis’ already deep understanding of its client’s complex environments coupled with the highly sophisticated DeCurtis product offering, DeCurtis can take a concierge approach to work with our clients to understand their immediate and long-term goals and needs. DeCurtis’ team can move past the mundane tasks of requirement gathering, prototyping, development, and feedback models often seen in custom development and immediately to an integrated project team where all resources are focused on successful outcomes of the project.

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THE DECURTIS EXPERIENCE PLATFORMconnected services for enhanced experiences


Revolutionary in its approach, the DeCurtis Experience Platform blends technology, concierge service and operational efficiencies into a powerful ecosystem where venues can create and manage unique guest experiences. The platform consists of a core set of services paired with sophisticated technology and is designed to deliver consistent guest experiences over multiple channels. The resulting connected solutions provide guests with personalized ways to interact with your brand and more elevated experiences while doing so. In other words, the DeCurtis Experience Platform enables you to identify your guests, anticipate their needs and then fulfill them quickly and conveniently, creating a better overall guest experience.


The DeCurtis Experience Platform is an ecosystem that evolves and grows over time, continuously leading to new possibilities. The core services – Order & Delivery, Media, Identity and Location Awareness – work together seamlessly to reach, delight and retain guests. Your guests are connected to your team and your location through beacons and geo-fencing, smart devices, wearable technology, mobile apps and/or experience portals. The type of technologies and the extent to which they are leveraged can be customized based on your business needs and budget capabilities. Regardless of configuration, the DeCurtis Experience Platform ultimately produces a frictionless environment where your enabled staff rapidly connects guests to what matters most – a faster, more convenient and highly personalized guest experience.


The DeCurtis Experience Platform is comprised of four core services working in harmony to provide an enhanced guest experience – Order & Delivery, Media, Identity and Location Awareness. Eliminate wait times and lines for your guests when you implement dynamic delivery with the Order & Delivery service. Intelligently associate photo or video with the proper guests utilizing our Media service. Elevate your customer service to a VIP level with our Identity service – your staff will have pertinent details at their fingertips in order to personalize each guest interaction. The Location Awareness and Proximity service is the heart of this connected experience and will leave your guests wondering how you provided such fast, personalized service.


The DeCurtis Experience Platform can be fine-tuned to fit your business model or industry niche and will put an innovative set of connected experiences into the hands of your guests. Personalized interactions, VIP order & delivery services and streamlined processes are all enhancements empowered by the DeCurtis Experience Platform. Integrating more touch points along the customer journey creates more chances to engage guests in meaningful ways, improving overall satisfaction. This increased guest satisfaction can lead to higher conversions, more revenue opportunities and better retention rates.


Mobile Assembly Suite, the award-winning e-mustering solution from DeCurtis Corporation, is the most complete, efficient and resilient e-mustering solution available on the market today. With a focus on adoptability and integration, MAS seamlessly provides accurate, real-time data to the Captain, Bridge Officers and Safety Teams throughout the entire muster process.

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AWARDS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTSActualized Success in Development

NCL Announces "Cruise Freedom"

Norwegian Cruise Line, a pioneer in creating custom and industry-leading experiences onboard, announced their partnership with award-winning technology-solutions leader DeCurtis Corporation for a new technology platform project - Cruise Freedom

Shortlisted in IHS Safety at Sea Awards

The IHS Safety at Sea Awards cover the entire maritime industry, and were judged by an independent, expert panel. The Shortlist Certificate was presented by Tim Kent, Technical Director for Lloyd’s Register, to Heather Penny, Press Officer for DeCurtis Corporation in 2013.

Microsoft Gold Partner

With a Gold Competency in Application Development, DeCurtis Corporation is positioned in the top tier of all Microsoft Partners. According to Microsoft, “gold competencies demonstrate best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area.”

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

DC-BR3800-01 BLE Module

What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?

Bluetooth Low Energy is a low power variant of Bluetooth personal area network (PAN) technology, designed for use by Internet-connected machines and appliances. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are several applications that required a lower power communication protocol. With the release of the Bluetooth 4.0 + LE Specification and advanced iteratively since then, BLE has provided a way for ioT to grow and, in our case, for the use of beacons to really blossom.

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